Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to dress up your own unique way

Any individual, regardless what your race, gender or size are, has its own unique side to express through the fashion way. If each individual on the planet dresses all the same, this world would be very dual and tasteless. Fortunately, our human being actually is beautiful and colorful as each one has its own unique side. For instance, former First Lady Mrs. Kennedy, famous Italy actress Sophia Loren or American movie stars Ms. Taylor, just name a few, all have unique way to express their own personal beauty and elegance. Not only they understand their own fashion way, but the key is to use the fashion guideline to dress up distinctly. To follow the fashion guideline is important, however, knowing your own taste such as color, style is critical. But the most important is to understand what your body type is also very crucial, because this is how to determine what type of fashion you should follow or avoid. The bottom line is to know who you are, what you should or should not and use the fashion guideline for you to dress yourself sharply and uniquely. It is also called dress to kill.

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