Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Silk------the mere word creates a vision of cascading softness and elegance, but its popularity goes beyond luxury. Like other natural fibers, silk breathes, making it the perfect choice for any season. Its fibers dye beautifully, producing bright colors rarely seen in other fabrics. Silk has many characteristics depending on its construction. It can be delicate or heavyweight, smooth or nubby.

Silk's Many Faces------ CHARMEUSE. When we think of silk, this is the fabric that often comes to mind. The fabric back is a flattened crepe while the front is a shimmery satin weave. With its drape, charmeuse works well for blouses, scarves and lingerie. Look for patterns that are loose and flowing or have soft gathers, but avoid pleats as the fabric is too soft to hold folds. Use a “with nap” pattern layout to prevent color variation.

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