Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to Clean Silk Shirts

Silk is a delicate natural fabric that many love as it feels soft and comfortable against the skin. Because silk is so delicate, often a silk shirt's label indicates it should either be dry cleaned or hand-washed only. In most cases, even if the label indicates the shirt can be machine-washed, this fabric will last longer if you wash it gently by hand or by dry-cleaning. No matter how you choose to clean it, there are important facts you should know so you don't damage that precious silk shirt.

1. Fill a plastic bucket or a sink with warm water. Add a few drops of a mild laundry soap or a mild shampoo. Texere Silk, a wholesaler and retailer of handpainted silk suggests using any mild soap or shampoo that is non-alkaline, as well as adding a spoonful of borax if you have hard water

2. Place the silk shirt in the water and move it around a bit in the water to loosen soil from the shirt.

3. Rinse it completely with clean, warm water. If you clean your silk shirt in a sink or tub and have a sprayer on hand, you can rinse it by gently holding the shirt up with one hand and spraying it down with the other. Otherwise, hold the shirt under a running faucet.

4. Hang the silk shirt on a plastic hanger to dry. Don't use wood hangers, warns Texere Silk, as wood dyes or finishes may damage the fabric. In addition, do not dry the shirt under sunlight.

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