Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mix Up Your Closet

Stop spending your mornings searching through your closet in frustration. If you end up wearing the same few outfits every day, even though your closet is packed with clothing, it may be time for a change. If this sounds familiar, your wardrobe is in need of a makeover. Don't go out and buy new clothes--there are ways to mix up your closet wardrobe to create all-new looks from pieces you already own.

Layering your clothing is one of the best ways to create an all-new look. Play different fabrics and colors off each other, multiplying their effects. Sort through your tops, looking for different necklines, lengths and materials that might work well paired together. Try a lacy tank peeking out from the neckline of a business-casual blouse. Or, layer the same tank over a dark, scoop-neck, long-sleeve top to turn it into an autumn-appropriate ensemble. Jazz up a solid pair of tights--layer a pair of delicate fishnets in a contrasting color on top, and they'll gain an all-new visual appeal.

If you have grown tired of your old scarves, belts and jewelry, find new ways to wear them. With a little creative reuse, old accessories can take on new life and become wardrobe staples. Scarves in particular are incredibly versatile--fold them into headbands or hair wraps, or thread them through your belt loops for a summer look. Instead of wearing a bracelet, wrap a small scarf around your wrist a couple of times. Tie the ends in a knot for a stylish, unusual accessory. Small, thin belts are not just for pants--they also work well when worn over dresses or long jackets. Pin an old brooch to the front of a handbag, or used it to pin a scarf in place. Use old ribbons to add flair to your handbags. Choose two thin ribbons with colors that complement your purse. Tie the ribbons to the handle, close to the bag itself. Let the ends trail down. For a more feminine look, tie a wide ribbon around the handle. Make a small bow.
If you feel like you're wearing the same outfits every week, it might be because you're afraid to play with colors. Choose a simple way to mix up your closet wardrobe. Default to a basic neutral outfit--blacks, taupes and navies--and add a single splash of color, such as a patterned blouse or a pair of bright shoes. Make a bold fashion statement. Mix colors, even patterns, for a sunny, bohemian look. Pair reds and pinks, sky blues and chocolate browns, even deep purple and a light lime green--if you're willing to experiment, you'll end up with a rainbow of options.

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